Useful hints for Condition Monitoring


Maintenance: How to save costs easily

Faster production rate while minimizing costs for maintenance and repair? These two goals are not contradictory. We will show you how.

Time is money – this principle often leads to increased machine workloads while maintenance intervals remain the same or even become longer. The result: machine shutdown due to wear, defects on the powertrain and at worst, high heat production or even risk of fire on your machines. If you need to save costs, you should do it the right way!

We are a service provider offering you solutions related to maintenance, repair and condition monitoring of your powertrain. If you are involved in maintenance, we have some tips for you how to save maintenance costs and increase your production rates.

Condition Monitoring: Monitoring your machines saves costs

Nowadays, planning a reliable production process and quality assurance is subsumed under the term “reliability management”. If you conduct diligent preventive measures, you can optimize plant availability by detecting potential faults early on. By using methods to assess the current condition and improve and optimize the system, you can support the classical maintenance tasks and ensure maintenance predictability.

Using suitable sensor technology and analysis tools like condition monitoring systems, torque and vibration measurement, thermographic measurements or endoscopies is a good method to assess damage on powertrains, gear, motor and other components. This way, they are easily predicted and can be repaired in time, thus reducing or even preventing subsequent defects. Maintenance processes that are optimized and based on the machine’s condition reduce the risk for unplanned shutdowns and outages, increase production rates and thus, save you a good amount of costs.

Maintenance and repair: why it’s important to align your powertrain properly

Alignment checks on powertrains are often neglected. In order to save time and cost for checking the alignment, machines are often not properly aligned. Misalignments of drive shafts or rollers often lead to axial and torsional vibration, overheating, excessive wear and reduced lifespan of the whole powertrain. A properly aligned system not only reduces maintenance and repair cost, but also makes it possible to save energy of up to 10% in multi-component powertrain systems. You can bring out the best of your powertrain and keep up the efficiency of your machines.