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ONE PARTNER. ALL SOLUTIONS. Off-Highway Powertrain Services

Many years of engineering expertise:
The strong basis for comprehensive system support

Off-Highway Powertrain Services is a leading global supplier of high-tech powertrain solutions. We ensure your powertrain is performing whenever you need it – in industrial, marine and agricultural applications. Off-Highway Powertrain Services is part of the Walterscheid Powertrain Group and can draw on many years of experience and engineering expertise. We are the ideal global partner with more than 20 fully-equipped service centres around the world.

Off-Highway Powertrain Services provides a wide range of services for powertrain systems. With our 360° service, we optimise the operational effectiveness and efficiency of your system through preventing unplanned downtime and minimising planned downtimes. From installation and monitoring to the repair and optimisation of individual powertrain components. We are a single source support provider for all of your powertrain requirements.

Our powertrain technology service experts are here to help.

Why customers choose
Off-Highway Powertrain Services

We provide powertrain support throughout your powertrain’s life cycle – Whether working to fulfil an urgent individual order or under a full service contract: we won’t let you down!

 ⮕ Commissioning MonitoringAnalysisRepairRepair & optimisation

  • Our 360° Service provides all the support services you need. We save you time-consuming consultation with multiple providers.
  • We are drive shaft specialists. Repair, wear analysis, monitoring, redesign or construction: we have the drive shaft expertise you need.
  • All our analyses are based on the strictest technological standards. Our ISO CAT IV-certified specialists are always here to help.