Maintenance on the powertrain

Gearbox maintenance

How efficient gearbox maintenance works

The gearbox is a critical components in your powertrain that needs special attention. Read here what to consider when conducting maintenance measures.

Standard maintenance measures like supplying lubricant or checking a gearbox a leakages is often no problem for in-house staff. But there always comes a time when a gearbox needs a further inspection, checking of tooth contact pattern and the condition of roller bearings, or analysis of vibration behaviour. This leads to the question: who do I contact for such tasks?

Who can help with maintenance in what way?

The easiest solution might be to contact your manufacturer. They know the gearbox and have sufficient experience, spare parts availability should also be adequate. Experience shows that some manufacturer are not impartial when performing an inspection, are unflexible and often advise buying the components anew, even when repair would be a feasible solution.