Torque measurement: How to prevent machine shutdowns

Detect and repair damage on gearboxes on time

Problems with your powertrain?

Are you struggling with unplanned shutdowns of your machines? Why a torque measurement could help and what to consider

Do you know the current torque in the components of your system and if it is still appropriate for your needs? Measuring the actual torque in your powertrain is only detectable with complex and costly measuring technology, but there are good reasons to take a closer look at this issue. The reason for this: torque peaks occur regularly during a production process, impacting the quality of the product and causing damage to your machine components. Why and when should you consider to conduct torque measurements on your powertrain?

Powertrain: Why component design is important

Are you regularly experiencing unplanned shutdowns that are caused by your powertrain? If this is the case, a professional torque measurement may be the solution to your problem. In many cases, components of a powertrain are not designed according to the existing load. This increases the risk of breaks in the drive shaft.

Torque specifications that are calculated in advance are often imprecise and drive shafts are often not the correct size due to lack of data or the necessity to save costs. Measuring the actual torque using special sensors helps determine the correct size and expose any weak points. As a maintenance expert, we can also help you by designing and commissioning a drive shaft according to the actual specifications.